One to One Tuition – The Benefits

Here at PS Tuition, we believe in the benefits of one-to-one tuition for learners who need that little extra boost.

Classroom teachers do an amazing job. They keep 99% of their learners on task, engaged and making progress. But there are always one or two who need a little extra attention, and that’s difficult to find when you have thirty or more people needing your eyes, ears and voice.

In a one-to-one lesson, there are no opportunities to hide, to smile and nod and feign understanding, to wait for someone else to answer the question. In our support lessons, the topic does not move on until the learner is genuinely secure.

That might sound scary to learners who have been used to hiding their difficulties. But there is nothing to be scared of here. We don’t shout, we don’t accuse and we never, ever blame. If the learner is struggling, then we back up and try again, find a different way, find another explanation and we don’t give up until the learner understands what they need to do to complete the tasks.

One-to-one tuition is completely flexible. It allows the tutor to follow a tangent which interests the learner, address an earlier difficulty if it is preventing progress, or spend extra time making sure that a learner is comfortable. It allows for a break if things get emotional, or for a little extra speed if understanding comes along quickly.

The personal touch, the time to get to know the learner and their interests, to flexibility to use technology or just good old fashioned pens and paper. All of these choices allow us to tailor our lessons perfectly to sit the learner